Evil Wrath

Evil Wrath Is a Black Metal Band from Canada formed in early 2005. They have had many line up changes with only Nekros & Morbid being the only recurring members. Their lyrics mainly deal with Anti-Humanism, hatred against humanity, War & fighting. After forming they released the L'essence Du Mal Demo. In 2006 they released their 2nd demo A.M.S.G. followed by the full length Défaillance Monumentale. In February of 2008 they released a split 10” with the band Pagan Rites. 2009 saw the release of their 2nd full length Chaotical Invasion which featured a guest appearance on two songs by Amduscias from Temple of Baal. This year Evil Wrath have released a compilation release featuring all of their demo material called A pact with Satan... The fall of Man. Members were also in Nekros Pervertor, V.A.C.K., Sephyroth, & Nocturnal Blasphemy.

main members:
Nekros - vocals
Morbid - guitar, bass, b.vocals

session & ex-members:
Seb Cloutier - guitar
Dan liker - bass
Fredrik Widigs - drums
Zvord - drums
Damn - guitar
Dark Massacre - drums
J. Destruction - bass, b.vocals
Amduscias - guitar

Chaotical Invasion

Defaillance Monumentale


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