Breaker Breaker

Breaker Breaker - Collection.
Breaker Breaker was a straightedge hardcore band from California that formed in 2001. They played straight forward hardcore with depressing lyrics in the vein of American Nightmare & Horror Show. During the short time as a Band, Breaker Breaker put out a self released demo tape that was later repressed as a 7" on Bridge 9, followed by an EP called Out of Service on Martyr Records that was released after the band broke up. After the break up lead singer Mark Kelley went on to be in the even shorter lived band Treason in 2002. I've also included the Treason Demo in this download. Treason was a super short lived fast distorted hardcore band with depressing lyrics that Mark made after Breaker Breaker broke up. They released this one 10 song demo & played only a handful of shows before breaking up. Two of the members went on to be in the band Lights Out

bb was:
Chris Denoncourt
Jonah Nishihira
Rusty Munro
Mark Kelley
Chris Jones
Seth Hyman


Out Of Service EP.

Treason - demo.


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