Mach 1.67

MACH 1.67 is a industrial punk/noise band from Japan. The group was formed by actor Asano Tadanobu (known in America for his role as Kakihara in the movie Ichi the Killer) & director Ishii Sogo. They released an LP called Babylon Blood that was more atmospheric compared to the later stuff. Sogo directed a movie called Electric Dragon 80,000V (also staring Asano) that had It's soundtrack supplied by the band. The soundtrack was sold with special editions of the dvd & could be bought by itself on Japanese CD stores. Some time after the film they got back together to release a single called Star Burn, which included the much more aggressive song Shock DNA. (I've never been able to find the songs for Babylon Blood). Asano is also a member of the bands Peace Pill and Safari.

MACH 1.67 is:
Asano Tadanobu - vocals/guitar
Kujun - drums
Fujinoya Mai - bass
Ueno Takashi - guitar/sax
Onogawa Hiroyuki - music
Ishii Sogo - music

guest members:
Nagase Masatoshi - backup vocals
Iwaida Michimoto - bass
Mana - vocals (on babylon)
Mar - vocals (on babylon)

star burn



  1. Thnx for this download, this songs are very rare to find out!

  2. do you know any other j rock or j metal

  3. In case you haven't already found Babylon Blood
    Thank you!!

    1. Hey I know I'm SUPER late with this response but do you by chance have that link for Babylon Blood still? I tried the one you posted here and I get denied/blocked. Would really appreciate it.