Johnny The Homicidal Maniac - Radio Drama.
This is something a bit different up for download. I'm sure many people recall the violent comic book by Jhonen Vasquez who also made many other comics and the TV series Invader Zim. This Unofficial Radio Drama was made by the now defunct group/website "The Sacrifice Alter", they were planing on doing the full comic series of all 7 issues, but that never happened. The website has long been gone and this recording isn't up for download anywhere that I know of, so I thought I would share to any one that might like this sort of thing. Thanks to Vix for sharing part two with me!

*the complete Cast list is located here

Radio Drama


  1. This is from so many years ago, but I'm the Katie that plays Squee's mom. I was also a fat neighbor answering a survey about murder in another episode. I think I was 15 when I did this and I'm 23 now.

  2. haha thats awesome! i wish you guys did all the other chapters

  3. I was Vix, and I've got part two of the drama!

    This was like... YEARS ago.

    There was a Part 3 but I think the file is lost to time now.

    1. I know it's been 4+ years since you posted this, but on the off chance you will see this: megaupload is dead; do you have a link to any other backup copy of part 2?

    2. the download i have listed has both parts

  4. AWESOME! thank you so much for sharing this, bummer on part 3