Never Enough

Never Enough was a hardcore band from Baltimore that was known for their dislike of religion in hardcore. These guys have been one of my favorite bands for awhile, they play fast pissed off hardcore. Before breaking up the band released a discography from Organized Crime records called Dead Set on Destruction, that Includes: their 2003 Demo (which some songs were on the Solid Ground split 7" as well), Our will is done 7", an Unreleased EP called Give Me Oblivion & a live set at WMUC on may 10th 2004. interesting note here is that this Discography isn't technically complete as its missing their 1st demo that they didn't want to include and I've never been able to track down. Members were in or went on to be in: Pulling Teeth, Exosus, 25 Ta Life, Code Blue, Gamewinner, Looks Like Rain, The Rock Band, Liars Academy, The Pee Tanks, Springboard, Old Line Trio, Daybreak, Jon Falk!, Innerside Burning, Commin Correct, Caste, Deperate Measures, Crispus Atticts, Worn Thin, Drugs Of Faith, Flowers In The Attic, Och'loch'racy, Apostate, Ironboss, Mal Humour, Rancid Decay, Inspite, Cant'say, Suburban Vermin, Deep Sleep, The Oranges Band, Ratsize, Government Warning & Unrestrained.

NE was at times:
Pat Martin - bass
Gus Bowman - guitar
Tony Pence - vocals
Alex Henderson - drums
Nick Vance - guitar
Alex D. - guitar
Evan Tanner - bass
Rebecca - guitar
Sean - guitar
Matt - guitar
Mitch - guitar?

dead set on destruction

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