Carlisle was a Screamo band from Orlando. they combined melodic, and very catchy music with passionate almost banchee like screamed vocals (with some clean vocals on certain songs as well). In 1995 their prevous band Adversary broke up when bassist Jeff left to be in Reversal Of Man, leaving Ryan, Brain, & Zach to form Rosalind. In 1996 Rosalind broke up and later became the first incarnation of Carlisle. As a band Carlisle only released two 7"s and a few compilation appearances. A discography of all their material was released through IFB Records in 2006 which also saw their Reunion Show which i still kick myself to this day for missing. Carlisle is one of the few bands that makes me proud of being from Florida, they played really heart filled music and one can tell they were all the best of friends doing something they loved. I don't think i'll ever regret my Carlisle tattoo. Members went on to be in Madison, In Arcadia, Peterbuilt, As Friends Rust, Salem, Reversal of Man, How Dare You, This Destorys & some more. The Discography includes 8 new recorded songs, the self titled 7" , the Functions of Several Variables 7", all their Compilation tracks & some unreleased 4 track recordings.

Carlisle was:
Ryan Dahlberg - Vocals
Zach Swain - Drums
Roger Painter - Bass
Brian Hanson - Guitar
Joe Enos - Guitar (1st era)
Gregg Blachstein - Guitar (2nd era)
Andy Strickland - Guitar (3rd era)

this means everything to me

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