Exosus was a band from Washington DC that formed in august of 2002 that played fast, loud, and distorted Hardcore. These guys were pretty unknown to anyone outside the DC area but they became one of my favorite bands and their EP was one of the very 1st vinyl records i had ever bought. I got the pleasure to see them on their last tour In 2005 when Billy booked them to play in Daytona at Nicely's Tavern before they broke up. They were insane, loud, spazzy and the lead singer Allen was all over the place, including jumping on top of me during the last song causing us both to slam to the ground. For this download I have put together their EP Feed The Furnace 7" (which i recommend to anyone that can find it, it has an amazing die cut packaging) The Clancy Six Split 7", and the Fight Amputation Split CD. They Also Released a Summer Tour 2003 Demo and a Self Titled Demo (both were limited to only 100 each) but I've never been able to track either down. Members were in or went on to be in: Ochlochracy, Crispus Attucks, Apostate, Tradition Dies Here, The Prisoner's Dilemma, Left Unsaid, Flowers In The Attic, & Never Enough

exosus was at times:
Rebecca - guitar
Allen - vocals
Joshy - drums
Adam - guitar
Henry - bass
Pat - guitar
Zach - guitar
American Dave - guitar
Nathan - guitar
Sean - guitar

feed the furnace 7"

Exosus/Clancy Six 7" split

Exosus/Fight Amputation Split CD



  1. AWESOME! I can't believe someone put Exosus's stuff online! Thanks a lot man, back in 2005 I got into the Southern Jersey/Philly/DC area punk scenes, which included Reptilian Records. Check out my posts on Fight Amp if you're interested: http://ridingthepalehorse.blogspot.com/

  2. will def check it out fight amp rules