Crud Is A Cult

Crud Is A Cult was a hardcore straightedge band from Philadelphia that formed in the 90's. The band was fronted by Sean McCabe (before he broke edge) who sung in Flagman for a short time before crud formed. As a Band they put out 2 EP 7"s (the 2nd one i think was never officially released) and a demo Tape, also i read they regularly didn't appear for shows. Later on Sean went to be in Mandela Strike Force and Ink & Dagger before passing away. Some of the other members were in the bands Laurel, & Native Black. They tried reforming a few times in 08 & 09 and it seems that sometime in winter this year the remaining members are planing on releasing a new 3 song EP called "Unburied".

X'ed up Sean

crud was:
Sean(rip), Alec, Josh, Dave, & Ed.

1st EP & 2nd EP

Triple Corpse Horror Demo


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