Same Mistake

Same Mistake was a hardcore band from Daytona that started in late 2003 and played their last show in 2005. These guys played some really good solid stuff which sucks that all they have are these 4 songs, after Stevie left and Mike became the vocalist they made 2 more songs but they were never recorded outside of rough takes minus vocals. I think for their time as a band I unfortunately only got to see them like 2 or so times. For a less of a mess of a bio look them up on Mikey's blog in my blog list (night on earth). For fans of Verse, Turning Point, and Modern Life Is War. Members went on to be in Down To Nothing, R'n'R, Think I Care, Outbreak, Trapped Under Ice, Years From Now & Meantime.

SM was:
alexx - guitar
jared - bass
richie - guitar
colby - drums
stevie - vocals (1st/on demo)
michael - vocals
mikey - bass (fill in)


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