Beastie Boys

As some know before all the Hip-Hop, The Beastie Boys came together in 1981 as a hardcore punk band. In 1981 Adam Yauch (MCA) had the idea to start a hardcore punk band and approached John Berry, Kate Schellenbach and Michael Diamond and asked them to join him. The name Beastie Boys came from a suggestion from guitarist John Berry. The initials BB were used due to the bands love for the D.C hardcore band the Bad Brains. The name "Beastie" stands for "Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence," but this was an afterthought once the band's name was already Beastie Boys. In their time they played shows with bands such as Bad Brains, the Dead Kennedys, the Misfits and Reagan Youth. Sometime after the recording of Pollywog Stew member John left and was replaced by Adam (Ad-Rock) who had been to most of the guys practices and played in the band The Young & the Useless who did shows with them aswell. After all this everyone knows they turned into Hip-Hop and such, but in 1995 the guys went back to their punk roots and released a 2nd hardcore EP called Aglio E Olio, also after a year of touring for licensed to Ill, Adam Yauch got together with members of Bad Brains & Murphy's Law and made a short lived band called Brooklyn.

Kate Schellenbach - drums/b.vocals/washboard
Adam Yauch - bass/b.vocals/acoustic guitar
John Barry - guitar
Michael Diamond - lead vocals
Adam O'Keefe - guitar/b.vocals (after pollywog)

The Young & The Useless:
Art Africano - bass
Adam Trese - drums
David Scilken - vocals/acoustic guitar
Adam O'Keefe - guitar/vocals
Gabby Abularach - extra guitar

Adam Yauch - vocals
Tom Cushman - guitar
Darl Jennifer - bass
Doug E. Beans - drums

Beastie Boys - pollywog stew

Beastie Boys - aglio e olio

The Young & The Useless - real men don't floss

Brooklyn - 1987 Demos

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