Hivesmasher is a heavy grind/death metalcore band from Massachusetts that formed in 2004. In 2008 they released a Demo (which I don't have) and their 1st LP called Ascension Into Dismal Stages, and as of now in 2010 are working on a new LP that is currently Untitled. I have listed the link to their Bandcamp site that has live recordings for download of the Untitled Album that they played on a metal radio show called The Stress Factor. Other bands current and ex-members have been a part of are Eviscerate, Los Bungalitos, Failed Science, Entropy, & Brutal No. 2

Hivesmasher is:
Aaron Heinold - Vocals
Justin Steele - Guitar
Tyler Kingsland - Bass
Tim Brault - Drums
Den Beltan - Keyboards

Matt Ponte - Drums
Joe Calabrese - Drums
Dan Bythewood - Vocals
Jason Gibbs - Guitar

Hivesmasher Ascension Into Dismal Stages

Untitled live album (lUMASS metal radio)
Bandcamp for Download


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