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Ah yes my 3rd Ink & Dagger post, as some might know I love Ink & Dagger with a passion, I ripped the audio from the Hate5Six filmed recording so please check them & all their awesome videos out! HATE5SIX . This goes out to the fellow devil children who missed out on getting to see them at this is hardcore (such as myself due to being sketched out on). I have also included 3 songs from when they played the Party Expo in NY before TIH in Philly. As everyone has herd Geoff Rickly of Thursday fame is doing vocals for these reunion shows. I threw together something to make a cover for the Ipod/mp3 player Kids out there.

I&D 2010:
Don Devore - guitar
Josh Brown - bass
Terry Yerves - drums
Chris Tropea - lights
Geoff Rickly - vocals

Live At This Is Hardcore 2010

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