Nazti Skinz

Nazti Skinz - sic semper tyrannis

Nazti skinz were a short lived punk band from california that only existed for 5 shows. They only put out this one EP On youth attack limited to 500 copies and then called it quits as to not end up like most bands that go on too long and suck. Yeah who ever sees this post i'm sure you got the songs already, but hey some of my friends that check this out might dig. If anyone out there has a real copy of this and wants to part with it hit me up! Features members of Le Shok, Fast Forward, The Locust, Wrangler Brutes & more

NS was:
Shann Obney
Joesph Karam
Cundo Si Murad
Andy Coronado

Sic semper tyrannis + live set.

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