Red And The Dumbasses

Red And The Dumbasses are a Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore band from Budapest,Hungary. The band was formed in 2009 by members PETI KULCSÁR and ZSOLT LÉDECZI as a 2-member side project. When the band originally started it was supposed to be a country-grindcore band but only one song fit under that genre, the rest became a fast, noisy and raw mess influenced by Sweden D-beat & shitloads of beer and whiskey. Their debut EP contains 6 original songs and a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover. Members of Dead Eternity, Soul Pilferage, Limb For A Limb, Dilemma Complex, Sore Faction, & Paediatrician

RATD are:
Peti Kulcsár - guitars
Zsolt Lédeczi - vocals
Miki Oravecz - guitars
Ági Biró - bass
András Szegvári - drums

Beijing Cocktail


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