The Other Side Of The Sky

The Other Side Of The Sky was an Ambient Sludge Metal band from Daytona Beach formed in 2002. The band was formed by the members as a forum for their developing ideas and a desire to play music they wanted to hear. As a band they have played over 80 shows, toured the Eastern USA/Canada, self released their EP & first LP, and had one LP released by Retribute Records. Lots of droning riffs, wonderful haunting melodies, subtle effects-induced builds and harsh vocals that take a back seat to the music itself. The self titled EP is a bit different from the two albums as that the vocals are way more frequent. This is one of the bands from around here that I always tryed to never miss a show for, something you could definitely be proud of your music scene for. They were simply fantastic live, and made me so bummed when they went on "hiatus". Member Justin was also in the bands Years From Now, & Total Recall. this is easily one of my favorite posts I have done.

Paul Weeks - guitar/vocals
Mike Brown - guitar
Cory Stegall - six-string bass
Tommy Guilmette - bass/microkorg
Justin Lauer - drums

self titled EP

Heritage LP

Rorschach LP


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