No Gods, No Girlfriends

No Gods, No Girlfriends is a lo-fi folk punk sing along one man band from Reno. The band consists of only Jawsh from bands Bafabegiya, Young Lions, Disconnect, Pink Black, This Computer Kills, The Rejected, The Shook-Ups, Dick Bob and The Nobs, Tate-LaBianca, The Scurvy Bastards, The Lords of Rad Success and The Spotlight Syndicate. I found out about NGNG back when spacement records was still around, and the name caught my eye. His pseudonym is a play on the popular phrase “no gods, no masters". Being a side project I don't think they (he) did much other than a tour with Bafabegiya, but I could be wrong. He released this LP (which was also counted as a demo) and did a split with Both Blind, which I can't find for the life of me. It's fun stuff check it out you might dig.

NGNG was:
Josh "Jawsh" Hageman - guitar/bass/drums/keyboards/vocals

Battle Songs LP

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