Eat Shit!

Eat Shit! was a Jacksonville/Orlando based thrash/hardcore band that formed around 2006. Influenced by the likes of Minor Threat, D.R.I., and Black Flag. They were relatively short lived putting out only a demo CD and a limited Cassette Tape version of it as well. They pretty much just played local areas of Jax, Orlando & Daytona. I never got a chance to see them live but always dug this demo, my buddy Jesse told me the time he saw them the singer Matt M. broke a shit load of microphones during their short set. Later down the line Matt G went on to be in Learn Nothing and straight edge band Thin Line. The demo features 5 original songs and a The Descendants cover

ES! was:
Matt M. - vocals
Rhett - guitar
Matt G. - bass
Jake - drums



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