Massachusetts Is A Coffin

Here's a free Hardcore Compilation I was sent in today, It features tracks from 37 different Massachusetts Hardcore bands. It was put together by Where It Ends Records.

Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation

the bands:
1. Abomination-Bringer Of Death
2. Alert-Be Heard
3. Beartrap-Nailed Shut
4. The Bonus Army-Negative Outlooks
5. The Carrier-Blind To What Is Right
6. Coke Fiend-Animal House
7. Colin Of Arabia-Amber Waves Of Pain
8. The Culture Sound-Wasteland
9. Darkwoods-Dread (ft.Pat Flynn)
10. Death Before Dishonor-Coffin Nail
11. Dirt Nap-Death March
12. Dirty Work-LS
13. Draize-Broken Teeth
14. Dry Heave-Union Street
15. For The Worse-Good Vs. Evil
16. Foxfires-Dead Weight
17. Fratricide-Nazi Smash
18. Immolate-No Way Out
19. Lifeloss-There Is No Bright Side
20. Los Bungolitos-On Top
21. Maniac-Reborn Heathen
22. Matahari-Never The Same
23. Mountain Man-Trends
24. New Lows-Raise The Curtain(Jerry's Kids)
25. New Reality-The Boy Who Didn't Matter
26. Outrage-Sold Souls
27. Poor Sport-Forging The Sword
28. Powerwolves-The Chaos You've Made
29. Reckless-Suicide King
30. Revenge-Manifest Destiny
31. Roadrunner-Valley Scum
32. Streetsweeper-White Hats (ft. Phillain)
33. Think Straight-Moloch (ft. Jordan of Reckless)
34. Think Again-The Feast
35. Villain-Noose Ends
36. Watchfire-Blood Money
37. Wolf Whistle-Shelf Dreams

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