In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood were a hardcore band formed in the late 1990’s in Cleveland Ohio. After releasing a self titled 7”, lead singer Jason Bourbon left the band and Jason Popson took over vocal duties. With Jason the Band released their debut full length titled “Hell on earth” on Victory records. Bourbon then rejoined the band and they would go on to tour europe. They record a demo called Suicide King, but the band would break up shortly after wards. A389 records later released the material that they recorded. members of: Integrity, One Life Crew, State Of Convictions, Unified Culture, Integrity 2000, Mushroomhead. This stuffs been around forever, but I love this band.

ICB was at times:
Blaze Tishko - guitar/vocals
Rich Ferjanic - drums
Lenny Melnick - bass
Aaron Melnick - guitar
Danny Lax - drums
Jason Bourbon - vocals
Jason Popson - vocals
Atlantis - vocals

Hell On Earth LP

Suicide King (SK Demo, s/t 7", & a live set)


  1. hell on earth is off
    if you can upload again im grateful

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  3. suicide king is out also
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