XBRIGHTX is a Straightedge hardcore band from Nagoya Japan. Alright I have already done a post on xBrightx before this for their 2009 rehearsal demo so be sure to check that out if you haven't already! Anyway this is their 2nd rehearsal demo (a pre-demo) much like the last one the recording is pretty good for not being a "real" demo. It has 3 songs: a re-recording of the song Beki (my fave song), a new song and a Ten Yard Fight cover. It was only limited to 50 copies and is already long gone, so I would love to thank the band for sending me one of the last copies in the mail (also thanks again for the 1st CD as well!). I can't wait for these guys to make their real demo or anything else in the future. As stated in the last post They formed in 2008 when Have Heart & Shipwreck were on tour in Japan and the guys wanted to play the show, so they formed the band in order to get on and have been playing ever since. Some of the members were also in the band Buraito.

xbrightx is:
Rinsuke - vocals(not on demo)
xKantax - guitar
xLe Diablex - guitar
xBara SDx - drums
xHide Boyx - bass

xKennyx - vocals

Spring '10 Sessions rehearsal demo


  1. thank you very much!


  2. no prob! i look forward to your guys real demo