As The Sun Sets

As The Sun Sets was a Mathcore/Grindcore band from Providence formed in 1998. ATSS was an awesome band and i'm sure most people that find this already know of them/might already have this stuff but oh well. They started out with a metallic mosh-heavy sound during the start of the band til the time of the 1st LP Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence, but this was replaced by a noisier, more frenetic approach to songwriting soon after that. They released another LP called 7744 which introduced the new sound and sometime later they also put out a self made live EP for a summer tour that was only limited to 200 copies. In 2002 the band called it quits and released one final EP called 8949. I have read tales long ago that their were Demos before all the albums but I have never seen or herd anything more about them. Members went on to be in Daughters, Bury Your Dead, She Rides (formerly Playgirl), Umbrella, Suffering Bastard, and Zombifying Venom.

ATSS was:
Brendan MacDonald - guitar
Jay Crowe - guitar
Jon Syverson - drums
Samuel Walker - bass
Alexis Marshall - vocals
(i'm sure there was a few others)

Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence LP

7744 LP

no art.
2001 Limited Summer Tour EP

8949 EP


  1. please can i get a re-up?

  2. sick thank you very much! especially the EP's i can't find them anywhere