Ink & Dagger

This is my 2nd Ink & Dagger post, check out my 1st post if you missed out or have never herd of them. I ripped This audio from live videos uploaded on youtube by user pillgrimsprogress. so check those out! It's not the best sounding stuff (vocals are kinda over powered by the music) but I figure some people might be happy having this. It's Ink & Daggers first show ever. I plan on hopefully doing one more I&D post sometime in August after their This Is Hardcore 2010 reunion if I can get the audio from the people filming it. I also made a nice cover to go with it for the Ipod fans out there.

Ink & Dagger 96:
Sean McCabe - vocals
Don Devore - guitar
Eric Wareheim - bass
Jorge Gonzalez - guitar
David Wagenschutz - drums

Live At 314 House (Philadelphia,Pa 1996)
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