Railsplitter was a southern heritage influenced Sludge Doom Metal band from Orlando Florida that formed in 2002 & broke up in 2006. I don't really known much about them, but they were an awesome band. I got into these dudes along time back when looking through the old Dead Tank Records website and they caught my eye(or ear) with the song Long Time Comin'. They only released two albums as a band and disappeared. Members went on or were in Dragbody, Rasquatch, Six Dead Horses and Snaggletooth.

for fans of Buzzoven, Eyehategod, Teeth of the Hydra, Noothgrush, & Art of Burning Water

railsplitter was:
Dan Oxford - drums
Mike Rosen - guitar
Phil The Bus - bass
Scott White - vocals

860 Some Odd Lbs
DOWNLOAD (fix soon)

Sunday Morning at the Church of the Head Crushing Riff


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