X-Wing was a hardcore band from Kings Beach California that formed in November of 2004.The members Said and Rudi were in a band together called Secret Weapon Eight and when they broke up they got together with the rest of the guys and started X-Wing. Despite what some people thought they were not a straightedge band as they have stated that "X-Wings are just the coolest type of vehicle." (they started out as one but they coulden't get enough sXe members). As a band they released 2 demos and a split 7" with the band Prey on Spacement Records before breaking up. I gave this band a chance years ago when I was buying some vinyl from a online vinyl distro and their name caught my attention due to my love of Star Wars, so I bought It and I of course have loved the band ever since and have been trying to track down their Demos forever with no luck until recently I have gotten a hold of their 2005 Demo which I'm very happy to be sharing with anyone that would be interested. I also have a few other songs that I ripped from the myspace long ago with File2HD when that still worked. Other bands some of the members have been in are Secret Weapon Eight, Fatality, xCrucial Attackx, Kamikaze Attitude, Optimus Crime, Become, & Lumber Lung.

X-Wing was:

Demo 2005 (+ Other Songs)


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