At Half-Mast

At Half-Mast is a hardcore band from Myrtle Beach. In 2002 They came together after the collapse of the band The Genocide Approach that was formed by Nate, Caleb & Alfred, later they added Tim & Kenneth and in 2006 they recorded the 1st Album Alive Alone and Waiting. Some time later Tim left and was replaced by 2nd singer Justin (who is my favorite vocalist of the band) and in 2007 they recorded for 2 splits that were released in 2008 (Values Intact split & To The Embers Split). Also in 2008 Kenneth left the band to be replaced by Benjamin and the Group recorded their 2nd LP Fathers and sons. Afterword Justin left the band and was temporally replaced by Cason on vocals, who later left with Ben to form the band Legacies. Nate later took over for the vocals and Alex came into the band to play guitar & In 2010 the band released an EP called Flight Patterns. I got to see At Half-Mast Live twice during the time when Justin was the vocalist. The first time was a spur of the moment thing as I had decided to go with my friend Troy to a show he was playing (Halo For Hookers) with AHM and Battle! in Ocala, And then the 2nd time was in Daytona for a show I set up. Both times I was blown away from their set. I didn't really talk much to them minus Justin who was a really nice dude, but I can tell these guys really love what they do.

AHM is:
Nate Carney - vocals (formally guitar)
Addison Owens - guitar
Alex Angell - guitar
Alfred Magusson - bass
Caleb Carney - drums

Tim Carney - vocals
Justin Turner - vocals
Cason N. - vocals
Kenneth Faith - guitar
Benjamin - guitar

Alive Alone and Waiting LP

To The Embers Split

Fathers and Sons LP

Flight Patterns EP

*I own a copy of the Values Intact Split, but I can't find a rip anywhere.


  1. May I ask what songs are on the Values Intact split?

  2. at half mast:
    the loner

    values intact:
    searching for
    relay race

  3. If you're looking for any of their records, we released all their stuff except the Flight Patterns 7". Check out There are still some limited editions available!



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