Over Population

*note: this post is more for personal friends, feel free to skip past this as its not very good.

Over Population was a 4 piece experimental-noise-dancecore synth band from Daytona that formed around 2007 that I was a member of. Our name is said as two words not one like it should be, because we liked it being two words haha. during the time the band was formed we all had solo projects and thought it would be cool to get together and make a "super group" of sorts and make weird noise music. We would play in chemical/paint jumpsuits and wear kabuki type masks when we played live (we only played once without outfits). I had a lot of fun doing Over Population, the shows were awesome & all our friends were real supportive of this nonsense for the short time we existed. During our time we put out a self titled demo that was released twice (once in a zip lock bag with toys & a condom, and then again in dvd cases) & a 3 song EP that didn't really get released until we broke up. Every time I talk to robert I try talking him into doing a reunion show, maybe one day he will finally crack. *long time friend/music collaborator kyle valery also did a guitar riff on one of our songs.

OP was:
robert diefendorf - synth/b.vocals
matt randall - vocals
john daly - synth/b.vocals
vince polizzi - laptop/b.synth.


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