Eat A Bag Of Dicks


Eat A Bag Of Dicks - Discography. This includes their Kissing Croations EP & Tour EP. Eat A Bag Of Dicks were a punk grind band from New Orleans that lasted from 2001-2002. Their live shows consisted of anywhere from 8 to 20 members or so at a time, wild antics, "theme" shows that normally ended up with them and fans in weird costumes, self inflicted bodily harm, some male nudity & lots of broken mics. They never practiced, played a load of shows, shared and broke equipment & confused almost everyone they played in front of. Some of the themes for the shows consisted of catholic school girls, ghostbusters, smurfs, hair metal, the goonies, cowboys & indians, superheros & other random things. Eat a Bag of Dicks Featured members of Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead, Path of Daggers Crown of Swords, Thou, & Chopsley.

Eat was a times:
Drew, Mike, Justin, Bryan, Eric, Chuck, Digby, Joey, Bashful Mike, Kara, Count Jeremy, Lando, Kevin, Fruity, Steve, Original Darin, Thom, Eustis, Big Darin, Eddie, xLittle Jamesx, Pat, Loyal, Kirk, Kate, Broadway Joe, Adam, Meshman, Billy, Jim, Karla, Jambo & Rob (roadie). *other help includes: Mary, Cherie, Katie,& Kerri (costumes), Mollie, Chris, Melanie, Allie, Rhea, Carl, Brittany, Jeffers, & Dan Fox.



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