Beneath These Words

Beneath These Words were a Post-Hardcore band from Orlando formed in 2004. These guys used to play Daytona all the time & were some of the nicest dudes I have ever met. Not much else to say they always put on really good live shows, I loved talking with them, & they would play with any bands that would want to play with them. The EP has long been out of print and I got the demo from their 1st Daytona show. Some bands the members went on to be in: fire at will, the almost, & hand to hand.

BTW was:
Alex Aponte - bass
Clif Wink -guitar/vocals
Jon Curry - vocals
Lee Russi - drums
Reinaldo Baquero -guitar/vocals
Danny Strong - drums(after ep & demo)

A 7th Story View EP + Demo


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