Angels & Demons

One of my all time favorite local bands. A&D was a short lived chaotic melodic metalcore band from Edgewater/Daytona that lasted from 2004-2005. Despite only being active for roughly a years length of time they gathered a strong following around here & played a decent amount of shows (a lot of which was with follow Daytona bands Excarnation & Amongst The Fallen). Sometime before breaking up brett & jon left the band due to conflicts with the other members, after they departed A&D attempted to continue on as a 3 piece but it just wasn't meant to be. Members of Loving Lady Death, Of A Divergent Blood, Catalepsy, Hearts Evolved & Khann.

A&D was:
brett bortle - vocals
ben Sutton- bass
matt Sutton - guitar
jon ponder - guitar
cory chivers - drums

Also included in this download is the only Hearts Evolved song. H.E. was a Melodic Post-Hardcore band formed side by side with Angels & Demons that included both brett & jon. They were working on an EP but only ended up recording this one song and never played any shows. Mike & Micah went on to be in the band Allys.

H.E. was:
micah zenda - vocals/guitar
brett bortle - bass/b.vocals
jon ponder - guitar
mike bortle - drums

Apocalypse of Nova (+HE)

A&D Purevolume
H.E. Myspace

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