xKill Everyonex

xKILL EVERYONEx was a Straight Edge band from the Windsor/Detroit area, they played what some would call "hate-edge". They felt at the time that there weren't many straight edge bands that were putting it all on the line about how angry they were, and what straight edge truly meant. They only played a handful of shows as that most of the members were busy with their full time bands and school. As a band they released a 6 song EP (demo) that was later re-recorded in much better quality. Other bands members were in are: King of Clubz, Provoke, xTyrantx, Wreckless, Apathemy, Bottomed Out, FaceDown,& It's All Gone To Hell

xKEx was:
Lear Mason - Vocals
Ozzy Eren - Guitar
Jake Watson - Guitar
John Music - Guitar
Pat Cushing - Drums

S/T EP (from nowavialable.blogspot.com)


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