Fortitude are a Hardcore band from Daytona Beach that formed in 1997 with the foundation of what they call "Old Ethics". That is staying true to your friends, family, and self. If anyone out there that is from Florida or knows anything about hardcore out here has to have herd about them, if not you must be in some deathcore cave. These guys have been around for years (13 in fact) and continue to play shows to this day. Fortitude played one of the first local hardcore shows I ever went to, so they have always had a place in my life. Things have changed for the band such as In the earlier days they used to be classified as a straightedge band & members were lost both in playing music and in life, but their positive message of hardcore has always stayed the same. This Friday (11-5-2010) Fortitude is having a 13th year anniversary show featuring past members & will also include a Circle Pit reunion which was a band that some of the members used to also be in. Some of the other bands members have been apart of include: xOne Choicex, Circle Pit, Stalefish, Skif-Dank, & Diss. For fans of sing alongs, pile-ons, circle pits & stage dives.

4T2D is:
Wes-B - guitar/lead vocals
Big Dave - drums
Otila - bass/b.vocals

Pat Edge - lead vocals
Josh Deuerling - guitar/bass
Wayne Toth - bass
Mike Aronson (R.I.P.) - bass
Clint "C-4" Potter (R.I.P.) - drums
Kevin Ryan - guitar
David Stevens - drums
Nrgserg Ocadiz
(might be more but i've never really found out)

-this download includes:
ARONSON: The Game Sessions 1998
Aftermath LP
Deystroyer Demo 07


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