Sex Positions

Sex Positions was a hardcore band with electro/experimental elements from Boston. the band was born from the break up of some of the members other band The Dedication. After making a 4 song Demo they released their self titled LP that was released on Deathwish in 2003. Some time during the summer of 2004 everyone in the band minus Eric left, so he soon revamped the band with a new lineup (which some weren't happy about), and played shows up and down the east coast in support of the album. In early 2005, this version of the Sex Positions headed out on their first European tour as a four piece, without Eric meaning no original members (pretty much becoming a cover band if you will). The group made the best of the situation, playing successful shows with Converge and others. Soon after and with little fanfare, version 2.0 drifted away into hiatus. After talking on and off about possibly playing again since the band ended original members Rich, John, and Mark along with friends Sean Owen and Dave Kocses began playing and working as "Sex Positions". After a few shows, this version of the band also folded. Some people might get the wrong idea and think the band is a Techno/Synth hardcore band but their old drummer mixed their demo with the electronic parts, and they asked him to do it again on the full length because they liked how it sounded. They did use something to play weird sounds in between songs live as well. Other bands members were in include: Outloud, Bottom Line NYC, WhatFeedsTheFire, The Dedication, xfilesx & NECKBOLTS. This download includes the self titled LP, The 2002 Demo and the Rough Pre-LP demo(which I originally got from Harshdistractions) .

SP was at times:
Rich Perusi - Vocals
John Blanchard - Drums
Mark "Drop" DeGuilio - Bass
Eric Marcelino - Guitar
Larry Anzoni - Drums/electronic sounds
Sean Owen - Guitar
David Kocses - Drums
Matt - Guitar
Trevor - Bass
Brian Foster - Vocals
Macbook - Drums
maybe some more who knows.

S.P. Discography


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