Vondur was a Black Metal band from Sweden. The band was formed in 1993 by IT as a one-man project. He released one demo tape, and in 1995 was joined by ALL. After joining they recorded their only LP Stridsyfirlysing (the album's title is icelandic for "Declaration of War"). The next year they released an EP called The Galactic Rock N' Roll Empire. The name Vondur is Icelandic for "evil". Members other bands include: Ophthalamia, Abruptum, Incision, Brejn Dedd, War, 8th Sin, Total War. This is considered a Joke band in the black metal community.

Vondur was:
It (Tony Särkkä) - Guitars, Bass, Violin, Talk, Additional Vocals
All (Jim Berger) - Lead Vocals, Talk

session members:
Irata - Drums
M. Bohlin - Synthesizers
Desire - Female talk, photos
Alexandra Balogh - Piano

Vondur Demo

Stridsyfirlysing LP

The Galactic Rock N' Roll Empire EP

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  1. Omg remembering buying that LP just because of the Darth vader cover in the nuclear blast mailorder ca. 1997