Tarsius Tarsier

Tarsius Tarsier are a hardcore/crust band from Madrid, Spain. "The history of the band is the same as that of many others: All of us have played (or we’re playing) in bands as Knowledge is a Weapon, Trecedeluno, Muerdelágrimas, Lösung or Forzuda.  Two years ago, we gathered with the idea of play fast, dark and intense music… and Tarsius Tarsier was born.  Although we didn’t look for the sound of a particular band,  we love From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Disfear, Converge, Orchid or His Hero is Gone, to name just a few." the band have released thier album Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos on The Japanese label Longleslongarms

TT is:
Javier - vocals
Jesús - bass
Pedrosa - drums
Manuel - guitar

Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos

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