Locas is garage punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their first EP "Demonstration" was released on June 1st 2014 & is up for free download via bandcamp full of 6 chill tracks. The band formed when Eddie and Andy had met through a mutual friend in high school and began playing together in a jazz band. After playing together for a few years casually, they had decided to go in a different direction musically. Though Eddie had moved to San Francisco for school, they kept contact through sending ideas to each other to create a new sound for the band. In January of 2014, Eddie moved back to LA and they began work on Demonstration. After only a few local shows, they decided to record at Lolipop Records in Echo Park. After recording the album, they decided they wanted a fuller sound, so Andy enlisted the help of his longtime friend Zak to play bass. In summer of 2014, they focused on playing shows in and around Los Angeles and writing their debut album, slated to be released fall of 2014.


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locas is:
Andy - Guitar / Vocals
Eddie  - Drums
Zak - bass

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