Creepozoidz are three piece post-hardcore band from Tulsa Oklahoma. This trio play a weird hybrid of post-hardcore, grunge, emo, and indie, & are heavily influenced and have been compared to bands like Brainworms, Small Brown Bike, Drive Like Jehu, Haram, Malady, Twelve Hour Turn, Archers Of Loaf, and Cloak/Dagger. There 6 song offering "mutant resources" is out on Horton Records and are discribed as songs you can wring your bloody sleeves out to, the soundtrack to skating the pain away, the voice of discontent by those not too distracted to do something about it, CREEPOZOIDZ wants to infect you with their virulent strain and mutate with you!

creepozoidz are:
Chris B./ Sam B./ Jeremie W.

mutant resources

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