My second post on one of my favorite bands: DNF (also known as Duke Nukem Forever) are a Powerviolence-Hardcore band from California that formed in 2006. Under the name Duke Nukem Forever they released a Demo and a Split CD with the band WPI. They broke up/went on hiatus for a hot minute before returning with a far more heavy Powerviolence sound than previously and have released a brand new 7" this year called "Hurt". This vinyl is by far one of my top favorite release of 2012, It's 8 tracks of pure heavy fucking feedback PV that your going to love. Support these dudes and snag a copy before it's too late. Members of Trash Talk, Touché Amoré, Raw Nerves & Dad Punchers.

DNF is:
Kyle Takahashi - Vocals
Chad Kawashima - Guitar
Elliot Babin - Drums
Sam Bosson - Bass


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