Axis is a 90's inspired heavy Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, Florida that formed in 2010. This brand new Split 7" (with Weight Of The World) which is going to be released late this month from On Point Records marks the last recording with vocalist Joshua. Josh Is one of the most genuine and upstanding people I've ever gotten the chance to meet in Hardcore and I wish him well on any future project. Fans of Axis should not be turned down by the Idea of a new vocalist, as Mike has been long time friends with the members and should fill out just nicely and I for one am looking forward to hearing new stuff with his contributions. check it out, get into it. also check out Weight Of The World as they are also an equally awesome band. Members of: Meantime, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Harbinger, Portals, Bestiarii, Total Recall, No Harm Done.

Axis is:
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Mikey Hawkins - bass
Dylan Downey- guitar
Emeila Andrews - vocals

Joshua Bunino - vocals
Shane Spiker - bass
Jesse Spiker - bass/drums
Sam Kooby - guitar (summer tour)

Axis/Weight Of The World Split


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