Birds In Row

Birds In Row are a hardcore band from Laval, France. "Since its beginning in 2009, BIRDS IN ROW plays punk/hardcore in its purest form, visceral, uncompromising and emotional. "Collected" is, as its name suggests, the reunion of the "Rise Of The Phoenix" 7" and the "Cottbus" 12" EP, plus "Phoenix", the very first song ever written by the band. Three years, 250 shows, six European tours, a two-months US tour and a signing on Deathwish Inc later, the three-piece from Laval has gained a strong following, becoming one of the most intense and impressive live acts around these days." - throatruiner records. ex-members of Sling69

BIR is:
Timmy - drums
Ditow - vocals/bass
xBartx - vocals/guitar


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