Da Nest

Da Nest was a barbiran/magic/demons/dungeons & dragonish themed 2 piece electronic synthpop band from Pennsylvania formed in 2005. The band came together after both members were kicked out of the band Shark Shark! for making songs that were too weird. It's hard to write a bio on these guys so ill just use one they did before:

"We are the Army of Ramskull, but to you, you shriveled ox, we are DA NEST. We bring thee great warriors a choir to sing your praises the the great and powerful Aramis. Dare you wield the sword of Ramskull? Our sworn arch nemesis, Bulgezzorb, mocks us with landscapes of terrifying skulls, wizardry, and snakes for lords sakes! Lets begin our voyage lads of stone and awesome!".

I fucking loved these dudes when they formed and would jam out to these fun songs non stop during the heyday of the myspace craze. I also used to bug them from time to time and even got the nick-name "Lord Matticorn, Goblin Trench Warrior Level 1". I'm still bummed to this day that they couldn't make the show I set up on my birthday in 2006, they seemed pretty stoked to play but real life came up for them and the rest Is history. The Ninhalath Chronicles Is their Epic EP, Unholy Terror Union (Cactus Split) & some demo tracks.  The only thing missing is the "Misadventures" which is a collection of every demo and rough tracks they made. Features Ex-Horse The Band, Ex-Shark! Shark!, Set That Motherfucker on Fire, Raj! Against the Machine, & F1rst Act.

the army of ramskull smiles upon thee!

da nest was:
Okrakon (Andy) - vocals/voices/synth/defending
Gendrak (Rääj) - drum programming/synth/guitar/being brave

The Ninhalanth Chronicles

Live in Wilmington (10/21/06)


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