Inflesh are a Hardcore band from Bandung, Indonesia formed in 2009. With the initial formation of members Iqbal, Dedi, Yunus, Yadi & Iksan , the band released a demo and then members Yunus and Iqbal decided to resign for various reasons and a new formation followed. The new line up didn't last long with only Dedi remaining, he also invited one of his closest friends at the time Catur to fill in on vocals. As a two piece they released a demo titled "amorfati" with midi technology to fill the missing drums. After that, drummer Iksan decided rejoin the band and for various reasons Catur left, his replacement came from Egy of the band Modlestone. This new version of the band released a single in 2012 which is re-mix of the song amorfati with vocals redone by Egy. for fans of Everytime I Die & Converge

Inflesh is:
Dedi - guitar
Egy - vokal
Iksan - drum

Iqbal - vocals
Yunus - guitar
Yadi - bass
Aidit - vocals
Uwonk - guitar
Catur - vocals

Amorfati Single
Listen (soundcloud)

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