The Emotron

The Emotron is a one-man synth band from Georgia (sometimes Philly) formed in 2004. Sole member Kyle started the project after leaving his previous band when he wanted to pursue a solo career making music influenced by Atom & his Package and GG Allin. Live he performs original material in a karaoke-esque style, using a Yamaha QY700 sequencer among other instruments. If you have an open mind, then you will find this stuff to be pretty fun. His live shows have consisted of full outfits that as the songs went by became less and less til he was left in his underwear, his penis being set on fire, to using TV's and other knick-knacks while he wears a suit that looks like a collection of tumors & other stuff as well. The Emotron has had a soft spot in a good number of friends and my heart for a long time now. For download is everything he has released including his super short lived side project Nightmare Pizza which was songs by Lee Satterfield and Kyle on a demo keyboard during their time in his old band Treephort. Kyle was also a part of the other bands: Treephort, Nightmare Pizza, Mose Giganticus(live), & Math The Band(live).

"I'm an artist and musician and I have been pro-piracy all of my internet life.
I hope my discography will always be able to be downloaded for free & shit."

the emotron is:
Jason Kyle Knight - vocals/all music

Vampire Lunch Lady Tits

Re Inventing Axel Foley

The Decemberwrist

Teenage Jesus

-Extra Emotron Releases:
B Sides and Rarities (2004 - 2010)

Vampire Lunch Lady Tits (Midi version)

Live At Fest 10

Live on So Simple.Com

Live at One Member Band Fest

-Nightmare Pizza:
Songs About Baseball and Jesus
Live In Philly On The 4th Of July
& A Very Eric Levin Christmas


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    Extra Emotron Releases: B Sides and Rarities (2004 - 2010)

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