Equal Minds Theory

Equal Minds Theory are a Mathcore/Chaotic Hardcore band Formed in September 2005 in Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory Russia. Originally a side project formed by members Anton, Roman, Vlad, Vova and Dima, these guys play some Intense, chaotic and all over the place stuff. By the summer of 2006, after years of hard rehearsals, two solo concerts and many appearances at local fests, they decided to relocate the band to Moscow. So far they have put out two EPs and one LP: In March 2007 the band recorded their first EP titled "Hell is Other People" & In January 2009 they released their second EP called "UN EP". Their Self Titled LP was released in September of 2011 and is on their bandcamp for a Name Your Price download (so get it for free or donate if you are feeling generous).

EMT is:
Acne - Vocals
Anton - Guitar
Astro - Guitar
Vlad - Bass
Jack - Drums

Evgeny - Drums
Vova - Drums
Roman - Guitar
Vitaly - Vocals
Dima - Vocals
Sasha - Vocals

Self Titled LP
DOWNLOAD (bandcamp: name your price)


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