The Hoax Program

The Hoax Program is a rock'n'roll styled Hardcore meets Stoner Rock band from Ajdovscina, Slovenia. Formed in 1997 under the name Low Punch they sported a more Old School Hardcore sound til' the name and style change in 2007. The band has put out two releases: one called "Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies" in 2008 and "II" in December of 2011. Pretty good stuff from these dudes, It has a really jaming out kind of vibe. Check out their bandcamp for the first album too. Members of Elodea, Iamdisease and Real Life Version. FFO: Annihilation Time, Saviours, & Black Cross.

THP is:
Dean Gnezda - vocals
David Stibilj - drums
Ivo Lozej - bass
Radovan Lozej - guitar
Jani Jez - guitar



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