1905 was a Politacal Screamo band from Washington D.C. that formed in 2000. Their lyrics address the politics of everyday lives and how the individual plays an important part in the greater scheme of things. These lyrics are conveyed through both female and male vocals. The vocals change between singing and screaming. The music has a distinct feel to it and there is definitely a great deal of emotion poured into it. They toured the United States three times: for six weeks in 2002, five weeks in 2003, and seven and a half weeks in 2004. After the last tour problems with personal issues in the band took their tole, but they held together for two more years before breaking up in 2006. 1905 released a 4 song demo CD, a full length CD/LP called "Voice" on Exotic Fever Records & Amor y Lucha Records and a Split seven inch with Amanda Woodward on Stonehenge Records. They wrote another albums worth of songs but never recorded them and also have 3 more recorded songs but they have never seen the light of day. members of Birds and Wires, Fighting Dogs, Non Grata, & The Scram.

1905 was:
Brian Lombardozzi - bass
Jess Kamen - vocals
Marshall Hart - drums
Nick Kirby - vocals/guitar

Chris Wood - bass

Voice LP/Demo/Split

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