Shed For You

Shed For You were a Melodic/Chaotic Grindcore band from Tarpon Springs Florida formed in 2002. I got to see these dudes and talk to them many times during their existance and they seemed to be really be into playing out here in Daytona. I still have good memories of talking about I Have Dreams with bassist Pat or trying to get them to play the song they always hated playing "Your Music Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad". They started out as a school project for vocalist Brett along with Roger, & shortly after Chris joined on guitar. This was when the Exhibit A demo was made but was never released. They played a few shows as a 3 peice until Pat asked them to play bass, he had never played before being in the band. They recorded their first full length Exhibit B in 2003, which was followed by more Shows. In 2004 They recorded their 2nd full length Exhibit C and did a short tour with Silence After Tragedy. From 2004 to 2005 they toured the east coast of the United States a few times playing shows with Me & Him Call it Us, and Mass Movementnt of the Moth. At this time they put out an "unofficial" 10 song version of the Exhibit D release. Later in 2005 they released Exhibit E on Cassette & Mini CDs. Shed For You then toured a few times in 2006 (which included a set they played at the Central Connecticut State University campus radio station, that was recorded & later released on the Discography, that I can't find), they also re-recorded 4 songs off the Unofficial Exhibit D and made it into a 7". They were going to Make an Exhibit F but It never came to be and the band played their final show in December 16, 2007 at the Skate-park of Tampa in Tampa. In June 2008 they got back together for one last time (minus brett) to play the last show of their long time friends Now Soldiers at the 688 Skate-park in Clearwater. The guys in Shed For You also ran Sherwood Records which released all their stuff. After breaking up Chris went on to be in the band Devout, & I recall Roger did some experimental solo project but the name escapes me. The Download includes Exhibits B,C,D,& E I'm still looking for A, & the unofficial D if anyone out there has it.

Shed for you was :
chris denny - guitar.
roger lanfranchi - drums.
brett wimberley - vocals.
pat new - bass.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E




  1. Wheres the artwork for these releases? do you have them because i cant find anything for these on the web

  2. Replies
    1. Thats awesome thanks very much dude, love the blog.

  3. im friends with chris denny, he might have the missing items you are looking for

  4. holler at em, would love that stuff I used to bug pat but never got it