Struggle was an Political Hardcore band from San Diego formed in 1990. An angry & youthful band their aggressive sound was heavily influenced by the likes of Downcast and Rorschach. The Anthology Cd includes the s/t 7", the s/t 12", the split with undertow & a comp song. They broke up in 1993 and members went on to be in The Locust, Tarantula Hawk, Creepy Creeps, Swing Kids, Bread and Circuts, Yaphet Kotto, Baader Brains, All Leather, Crimson Curse, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Ground Unicorn Horn, Unbroken, & Black heart Procession

struggle was:
Dylan Scharf - vocals
Jose Palafox - drums
Justin Pearson - bass
Eric Allen - guitar
Cliff Cunningham - guitar
Tobias Nathaniel - guitar

One Settler, One Bullet - An Anthology



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