Guyver-One was a noisy screamo/hardcore "emo violence" band Formed in the mid 90’s in San Diego. Safe to say they are one of my favorite 90's hardcore bands. Guyver-One only had two releases and also appeared on a comp called "I Can't Live Without It". Their first release a self titled EP was and is some fantastic stuff. It's chaotic, fast, loud and just awesome. Their follow up the LP "obsessed with..." while being a really good album, just isn't at the same level as the EP. For fans of that Swing Kids, Antioch Arrow, Clikatat Ikatowi and Heroin style. Members other bands include: Transfer, The Crimson Curse, The Holy Kiss, The Album Leaf, Tristeza, Gemini Conspiracy, The Locust, Bastard Boy,& Cabrini

Guyver-One was at times:
Eddie Castro - Vocals
Michael Cooper - Drums
Matty Rue Morgue - Bass
Kory Ross - Guitar
James LaValle - Guitar
Steve Alexander - Guitar
Mike Posladek - Guitar

Self-titled EP

Obsessed With... LP


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