Asterisk* was hardcore/grind band from Umeå, Northern Sweden formed in 1999. The story is pretty much The members were tired with slow punk and metal bands and wanted to create something new in their area. These guys barely had any Live performances they were very rare and far between. Also the band never went on tour or played outside of the Northern region of Sweden. In 2002 the band slipped into hiatus and has never been herd from again. Features members of Demon System 13 and Female Anchor of Sade. Great band, buy their stuff from 31G.

A* was:
Jonas "Angel" - vocals
André "Beetle" - drums
Stefan "Rose" - guitar

Dogma Discography (includes Dogma I,II,III & comp tracks)

Dogma V (w/Masami Akita and Lasse Marhaug )

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