Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Red Roses For A Blue Lady was a "Chaotic" Emotional Metalcore band from Gainesville that formed in 1998 and broke up in 2001. During the bands time they made a demo called valentines & a self titled 7" before signing to Eulogy and releasing an LP called The Return to Melancholy. Really great Florida band, always been bummed that I've never been able to track down the valentines demo.

RRFABL was at times:
Kyle Borchgardt - lead vocals
Brian Sulak - lead guitar/vocals
Mark Mitchell - guitar
Chris Irving -bass
Joe Creasman - drums
Alex Vernon - drums
Bryan - bass
Josh Williams - drums
Dan Mazin - bass

The Return to Melancholy

s/t 7"



  1. please re-up the s/t!

  2. could you upload return to melancholy?

  3. Dan Mazin was never in this band !

  4. Chris is my brother.. I had 2 copies of that demo. Now sadly only one. He gave me his copy I accidentally fucked the other one up. Over too soon.. i was almost one of the second drummer but backed out because of personal stuff. Huge regret.. oh well


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